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What Is SR-22 Insurance


Before I tell you about SR-22  Insurance , you need to know what an SR-22 is. It is something not related to car  insurance  and may not cover some or any aspect of your car  insurance . It is known as liability car  insurance  issued in the form of a document which is used in the United States of America.

Basically a DMV will entail an SR-22 from a driver who wishes to regain his or her driving privileges. If an SR-22 expires or has been disqualified, then the  insurance  company of that driver is obliged to issue an SR-26 form, which verifies the termination of the policy.

Drunk driving is a serious offence in the United States of America and  insurance  rates may explode for the driver as he will be termed as high risk driver then. The particular person can then contact his  insurance  company and ask for the filing of SR22.

Some  insurance  companies do not offer SR-22  insurance  policies so the first thing you need to do is call your  insurance  company and ask for SR-22 filing. If your auto  insurance  provider does not offer SR-22 filing then you will have to switch your  insurance  company. You can contact a broker too as they are in contact with various companies and may offer you the lowest possible SR22  insurance  rates in the market.

Laws fluctuate from state to state, and it depends on this precisely, that can give you a more accurate and precise answer as to the duration of the increase of  insurance  rates. It is most heard of to be increased for around three years.

SR-22 filing will not cost you a fortune as these are really inexpensive. Filing fee varies from $15 to $50 but it is only filing fee. The  insurance  company is just letting the DMV know that you hold an active liability  insurance . You must know that car  insurance  is not the same for everyone and SR22  insurance  will also depend on your previous record and present situation. If you have been caught driving drunk then its cost can be extremely high.

An SR-22 should be taken seriously, as it is a severe warning from the state, and can permanently revoke the driving licenses of individuals on order of the state. You must be responsible when you are driving on the road for the safety of others and for your safety as well.


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