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Insurance Agents & Financial Advisors – Finding it Hard to Find Your Way to Success?


Finding success in business isn’t hard when you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. It can be as easy as 1-2-3. It begins by building on a foundation of specialized knowledge, marketing yourself in a way that people understand fulfills their wants, and helping people to buy in a way that generates current and future business and referrals.

The body of knowledge that you could potentially learn is too vast for you to ever be an expert or a specialist in all of them. If you can find one main area with some related sub-areas that you can obtain specialized knowledge in you have a competitive advantage. Being a generalist never results in real success. Just think about it. Do you pay your general practitioner the same fee for an office call as you do a specialist like a pediatric orthopedic surgeon? When you get advice from the pediatric orthopedic surgeon don’t you place more value on that advice than you do the advice you get from the general practitioner? If the advice you received from both didn’t seem to agree whose advice would you be more inclined to take?

Specialized knowledge only represents a potential for success. In order to take that potential and turn it into success you must learn how to package that specialized knowledge that you hold in a way that gets the attention of the people who really want the benefits of that knowledge. This is where doing your pre-marketing research is absolutely critical. Now don’t let that sound scary to you because it’s not complicated and it really isn’t all that time consuming, but really knowing and not guessing makes all the difference in your success. And you never want to base your plans on what someone else in the industry says is true about the market. Gather this information for yourself so you know it’s true in your market because that’s the only one that matters to you.

You have to get the attention of the right people. You make that happen by effectively communicating your message. Effective communication gets the attention of the right people. It speaks to what they want not what they need. And it provides a way for them to connect with you.

When you get the appointment it’s time to turn potential into cash. This is where you demonstrate that you’re a real sales professional or that you’re not. This is where you begin life long relationships that build into repeat business and really good referrals, or at best you close one sale that won’t stick. A real sales professional doesn’t sell, but they do help people reach a buying decision. They do that by listening and making sure you both have the same information at the same time. Put it all together and you have an easy recipe for success.


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