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Basing Car Insurance Decision Off Rates Alone? Read This First


Car insurance is what protects you if you are in an accident or if a natural disaster damages your vehicle. Unfortunately, insurance companies are often out for themselves financially. They reel you in with gimmicks and humor, but when it comes time to file a claim; your insurance company may not offer the best customer service. Therefore, it is vital that you look at the auto insurance ratings when you do a car insurance comparison.

Customer Satisfaction

When you are selecting automobile insurance, you will want to talk to friends and family to ask them which car insurance company they use. You will then want to find out/ask them how the customer service is. You can then do research online to find out the overall customer satisfaction. In addition to finding the customer satisfaction score, you will want to read actual reviews. The car insurance ratings are based heavily on the customer satisfaction, but there are other aspects as well.

Policy Offerings

The more policy discounts and benefits that are offered, the better the auto insurance rating will be. There will also be higher ratings for companies that offer a variety of insurances under one policy. This means the car insurance company offers home and life insurance, in addition to the car insurance.


Insurance companies are notorious for charging a lot of money for a simple insurance claim. The criteria you want to consider when you are looking at the auto insurance ratings are not only the car insurance quotes, but also the amount of money that is paid out to you and how fast the settlement is done.


When selecting car insurance, you want to consider the customer claim ratings. The claims are the main reason you have insurance, so if they are hard to file, hard to get what you deserve, or the insurance customer service is not an easy one to deal with, then it will not be a company you will want to deal with. You want a company that has clients pleased with the claim service.

These are the four major aspects of the auto insurance ratings that you will find online. They will vary from state to state, as various agents handle things differently. Ratings are not something that can be bought or sold like advertisements, which is why they can be more reliable than the rates. There are several resources that are available that will list the top automobile insurance company with ratings to back them. It is important to make sure you search sites that do not have any ties to any insurance company; otherwise, you may have skewed auto insurance ratings.

Will Insurance Ratings be Comparable to Rates?

If you are interested in finding the cheapest automobile insurance quotes, then you will not necessarily care what the car insurance ratings are. In some cases, the ratings and the rates will be equivalent, where you can find a good auto insurance company with great reviews. However, more often you will need to consider paying a small bit more for insurance premiums and go with a company that is much easier to deal with.


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